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This is a by-no-means-complete list of the people and/or names I've encountered in researching nanotechnology.

K. Eric Drexler - Nanotechnology researcher.

Ralph Merkle - Nanotechnology researcher.

Richard Smalley - Professor at Rice University. Received Nobel Prize for discovery of buckminsterfullerene.

Daniel Colbert - Researcher at Rice University.

J. Storrs Hall - Moderator of the sci.nanotech newsgroup.

Robert Freitas, Jr. - Author of the Nanomedicine series of books and a Research Scientist at Zyvex LLC.

Aristides Requicha - Head of the Laboratory for Molecular Robotics at the University of Southern California.

Richard Feynman - Famous physics professor often referenced for his talk describing concepts pointing the way to nanotechnology.

Chris Peterson

Gayle Pergamit

Ed Regis - Author.

Markus Krummenacker

James Lewis - Foresight Institute Webmaster.

Richard Terra - Update editor for the Foresight Institute.

Thomas McCarthy

Sean Morgan - Maintains a useful web site on nanotechnology.

Marvin Minsky - Professor at MIT and a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. On the board of advisors for the Foresight Institute.

Will Ware - Author of a NanoCAD Java applet for viewing/designing molecules.

Jim Rice

Jeffrey Soreff

Nanomedicine Researchers (from the Nanomedicine web page at Foresight)

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